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What we Do

Core Values

At MTE, our core values emphasize self-management, educational justice, experiential learning, social-emotional learning, authenticity, and a whole child approach. We believe in the importance of developing each individual’s personal and professional growth, promoting a just and equitable world, and fostering engagement and empowerment in learning.

Our approach

We focuses on the student’s inner strengths, natural creativity, and their unique abilities. We strive to provide learning experiences with an equal emphasis on head and hearts, helping to create engaged and motivated young leaders. These Core Values are essential to our mission of preparing students as global citizens.

What Is The Value Of your Life?

The value of your life is priceless; and it’s something that is worth far more than any amount of material gain or recognition. Throughout your life, you may feel like you need to prove your value and worth to the people who are close to you. While people do value you based on their own point of view, beliefs, and information, it’s important to remember that you’re still so much more than that. No matter your background, circumstances or environment, you are valuable and worthy of all the respect, comfort and care that life has to offer. Self acceptance is an integral part of finding your life’s value. You can’t expect other people to recognize and appreciate the value of who you are if you don’t have a deep sense of understanding and acceptance of yourself. Show yourself some love, kindness, and grace and look for value in every moment of your life. It is also important to recognize the value of your relationships, too. Surround yourself with people who recognize you for who you are and value the things that make you unique. Let go of negative influences from your past and be open to those that appreciate you.