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More Than Enough

Our Work

Our ultimate aim is to empower our underserved members and the communities they live in by promoting wealth, sustainability and success. We strive to provide quality resources, classes, programs and support services that are engaging and accessible to break down the barriers to educational and financial literacy they may face. By helping our members reach their full potential, we can create opportunities for a brighter future for all.

Enrichment Programs

For parents looking to expand their child’s learning beyond the classroom, Enrichment Programs offer the perfect opportunity to foster self-awareness, hone skills, and explore interests in alignment with the school curriculum. More Than Enough Center for Learning aspires to increase college and career readiness and postsecondary outcomes for vulnerable youth through experiential learning opportunities.

Unleashing extraordinary futures go beyond academic achievements. With EmpowerVantage, you’ll explore a wide range of opportunities to discover your true purpose and unleash your potential in diverse areas of life. From honing your leadership abilities to fostering creativity, from nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit to promoting social impact, EmpowerVantage is an eight (8) weeks program that empowers you to become a well-rounded and impactful individual.
Our innovative curriculum goes beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating real-world experiences, hands-on projects, and cutting-edge resources to enhance your learning journey. Whether you’re delving into the depths of scientific exploration, unleashing your artistic talents, or embracing the world of technology and entrepreneurship, EmpowerVantage provides the tools and knowledge to thrive in any chosen path.
Step into a world where innovation knows no boundaries and creativity thrives. This is a place where young visionaries like you have the opportunity to shine to turn your dreams into reality. MTEC4L welcomes students 14-22 from the DMV area, ready to explore the captivating realm of entrepreneurship.
As you delve into this extraordinary adventure, you’ll discover a multitude of inspiring characters who will guide you along the way. Expert mentors and successful entrepreneurs will share their insights and experiences, providing the wisdom needed to navigate the dynamic world of business. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, you’ll unlock the secrets of identifying groundbreaking opportunities and developing strategies to make your mark.
In this engaging eight (8) weeks course, you’ll explore the fascinating realm of money management, investment strategies, debt mastery, and financial planning. Discover the secrets to building wealth, learn how to grow your money, and develop the tools to protect yourself against financial challenges. The knowledge and skills you gain from FinPower will set you apart and give you a head start on the path to success.
Imagine the sense of empowerment you’ll feel as you take control of your financial destiny. With FinPower, you’ll gain the confidence to make smart financial choices, create a strong financial foundation, and unlock a world of possibilities. Visualize yourself achieving your goals, pursuing your passions, and living life on your terms—all because you possess the financial knowledge and skills to make it happen.