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Time to create a better Education System


Rally your fellow changemakers – it’s time to create a better education system! With your help, we can remove the barriers of educational inequity and guarantee equal opportunities for children around the world. 

By donating your time, resources and funding, you can help broaden the horizons of these students and provide a brighter future for all. Or, join us in our mission to sponsor a child’s entrepreneurial dreams and watch their dreams become a reality. Furthermore, by working together, it can even put underprivileged students one step ahead of the rest, helping them to break the cycle of poverty that has kept them and future generations locked in a cycle of underachievement. 

Monetary and in-kind donations are necessary to support the efforts of MTEC4L, which allows us to continue providing safe spaces and learning opportunities for those we serve.  Donate now and be part of the change you want to see in the world!