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Our Goals

⬤ Help students build self-confidence and self-worth that can be used in any situation

⬤ Promote self-love and success for individuals

⬤ Guide students on their path of personal growth and professional development

⬤ Guide students through challenging situations to help them come out stronger and secure

⬤ Foster a better tomorrow by helping young people gain the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence to become successful individuals and productive members of society.

⬤ Use a variety of instructional and therapeutic methods to develop a foundation of self-love.

⬤ Incorporate traditional teaching methods with experiential and cognitive techniques.

⬤ Provide quality resources, classes, programs and support services.

⬤ Break down barriers to educational and financial literacy.

Monetary and in-kind donations are necessary to support the efforts of MTEC4L, which allows us to continue providing safe spaces and learning opportunities for those we serve.  Donate now and be part of the change you want to see in the world!